Copy of About Us

Welcome! We are the Bowman's. My wife, Danielle, and I work full time serving as Soldiers in the U.S. Army.

A few years ago we made the split decision to start the next chapter of our life RV living. We sold our two homes and everything, and I mean EVERYTHING we owned. While we don’t consider ourselves as minimalist, there was something refreshing and cleansing about the process. As fate would have it, Danielle found the RV she wanted and within three weeks of making that impulsive decision, we were pulling into our first camp ground.
Danielle and I have embraced a whole new way of living. It took unconnecting from the norms of society and all the electronics that consume our time to truly appreciate the world around us and to share that gratitude with others. Now we spend our time creating memories. Whether its hiking, camping, geocaching, fishing, boating, traveling or just being with each other we make sure our time is always quality.

We created this store as a way of sharing our world with you. You will find a variety of affordable, quality products to help you get out and back to nature. We want to make sure you enjoy your experience so if your have any questions,concerns or recommendations, please reach out to us at or connect with us on Facebook (Peak Venture Company) and Instagram (@PeakVentureCompany). Be sure to tag us on your adventures to be entered into quarterly merchandise give aways with #PeakVentureCompany and #Bow_Peeps.