Equipment Pulley Set - Peak Venture Company
Equipment Pulley Set - Peak Venture Company

Equipment Pulley Set

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     Ultra-light Rigging Hardware Kit for 5:1 Mechanical Advantage Pulley System from GM CLIMBING contains: 2x 40kN Micro Double Pulley, 2x D-shape Screw Locking Carabiner, 1x 48in 16mm Nylon Sling, 1x 18in 8mm Prusik Loop.

    With this kit, you could easily set up 5:1 or 4:1 hauling system, which equals that you get 3 or 4 other men to help you, whether you put your car out of a ditch, haul something up, tension a slack line system, or rescue partner, etc.

    They are compact to take very little space in your car boot, in your garage or in your equipment rack.They are lighter compared to those large machines like a winch or those with big and heavy hooks.

    Of High Strength. All the components are of Rock Climbing standard. You could make a rescue system with them to haul your partner out of a crevasse.

    MULTIFUNCTIONAL! 100 applications can be accomplished with these hardware.

     Name: 40kN micro climbing double pulley
    Dimension: 161x100mm
    Dia. of Sheave: 36mm
    Weight: 180g - 6.35Oz 
    Material: 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum 
    Ball Bearing 
    Max. Rope Compatibility: <12mm
    ATTENTION: Never a metal cable sliding over the sheave!!!!! 
    Breaking Strength: 40kN=2 x (10kN+10kN) 
    Certification(s): CE 1019 EN 12278 
    Name: 24kN screw locking carabiner
    Material: 7075 Aircraft-grade Aluminum alloy (anodized) 
    Hot Forged 
    Standard Finish: Red(Black) Anodized 
    Breaking Strength: 24kN - Minor axis: 7 kN - Open gate: 7 kN 
    Gate opening(d): 19 mm 
    Length: 99mm - Width: 62.5mm 
    Weight: 53g / 1.87Oz 
    Certification: CE 1019 EN 12275 / UIAA 121 
    Name: 18in / 24in 8mm pre-sewn prusik cord
    Length:18 inches / 24 inches ( the length of loop when flat pull ) 
    Diameter: 8mm 
    Material: Polyester 
    Strength: 20kN / 4500lb 
    Name: 120cm nylon climbing sling
    Length: 120cm(flat pull) 
    Width: 16mm
    Material: Tube Nylon Webbing 
    Breaking Strength: 22kN / 4840lb 
    Weight : 60cm-42g, 120cm-79g
    Certification: CE1019 EN566