Fully Waterproof Underwater Metal Detector

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This Fully Waterproof Underwater Metal Detector is a state of the art handheld pinpointer metal detector that incorporates Pulse Induction (PI) technology, which allows you to hunt metal in water, on land or in any type of soil. This Underwater Metal Detector is waterproof to a depth of 100 feet, it can be used in almost any environment, including fresh or saltwater. The stainless steel hardware is built to last and a build-in low battery sensor is safe.

The Metal Detector's automatic tuning, the pulses of vibration increase in frequency as the probe tip approaches the target precision pinpointing. When a target has located the Metal Detector signals with pulses of vibration and flashes of bright blue light so that you can easily distinguish detecting signals. The Metal Detector is suitable for diving searching, public security check, police detecting, professional archaeology, pinpointing decoration lines, etc.

  • The Detector has a fully waterproof pinpointer.
  • Communicate with Vibration & Light.
  • The 'State Of The Art microprocessor controlled design.
  • The Detector is enhanced with Pulse Induction(PI) technology.


  • Power Type: Battery-Powered
  • Waterproof: Up to 30 Meters