Makro Coin Finder CF-77 Pro Package
Makro Coin Finder CF-77 Pro Package

Makro Coin Finder CF-77 Pro Package

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CF77 lets you reach targets at greater depth than other coin and relic detectors in this category. Enjoy smooth and stable performance even in the most difficult ground conditions. You will quickly discover that the CF77 opens up areas that you thought were previously worked out. Discover the targets that other treasure hunters have passed over with other devices. The Makro Coin Finder CF77 has three different lightweight and water resistant DD search coils to choose from! Just select the right coil for each environment to achieve the best performance.


  • C23 Search Coil
  • C28 Search Coil
  • C45 Search Coil
  • Carrying Bag for All Equipment
  • Philips Headphones
  • 8x AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Spiral Cable Battery Box
  • Battery Box Cover
  • Armrest Cover


  • Easy operation
  • Exceptional depth
  • Metal discrimination with 3 different audio tones
  • Excellent performance in highly mineralized conditions
  • Ergonomic design
  • Fast target detection
  • Iron rejection feature
  • Long battery life