Portable 2000L Water Filter Kit

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This express Portable 2000L Water Filter Kit Filter is a safe outdoor water purifier and it's can immediately river, rain, lake water, and other natural water purification into direct drinking water. You can connect the standard diameter water bag and water bottles, it is more convenient to use.

This is a very lightweight, convenient, and safest way to stay hydrated when camping, hiking, fishing, backpacking, biking, international travel. It's an amazing Portable design with metal buckle and lanyard, that is good enough for using and carrying when traveling or outdoor activities.

  • You can use it directly in the river, 
  •  You also can connect it with the water bag
  • It's an absolutely provide up to 2000 liters of drinking water.



  • BPA Free materials
  • Recyclable
  • No replaceable parts
  • User’s manual provided in English, French, German and Chinese
  • Type; water filter